Saturday, March 21, 2015

A new Bourbon brand recreates a faux version of a classic ad!

The original 60's era Jim Beam ad with Sean Connery.

The new Cleveland Bourbon ad with Pierce Brosnan. 

How to upset a whiskey fan at any gathering...

A basic but accurate primer, on the different types of whiskies that exist.

Click the link for the Article: Whiskey Basics Explained

This is a nice write up on our favorite boutique whisky blending house, Compass Box. Enjoy!

Click the link for the Article: The Compass Box Whisky Company

Some helpful health advice during these cold winter months!

Kentucky Bourbon Taste Test

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Shackleton whisky makes an appearance on Mr. Selfridge!

The PBS Masterpiece/ITV series Mr. Selfridge, celebrated a visit from famed Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton, in episode 9 of the first season. The Mackinlay's Highland Malt Whisky, is featured in a store window at Selfridge &Co., honoring The Shackleton Expedition.