Thursday, May 22, 2014

A New Bourbon Whiskey from the heart of Moonshine country.

We were browsing the isles of a local liquor store, when we came upon this curious new whiskey. A Bourbon made in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri.

Here's the official release from the distillery website:

Ozark Distillery Bourbon Whiskey

 We bottled our first batch in January 2014!
Several batches of Ozark Bourbon Whiskey is now resting comfortably in New Charred Oak Barrels. Everyone asks when it will be ready and the answer to that questions is, when its ready! Time, humidity, temperature, the wood of the barrel, and the quality of the spirits in the barrel all play a role in making hand crafted Ozark Distillery Bourbon Whiskey. We bottled our first barrels in January 2014. The next batch should be aged and ready by April 1st. We will not rush to bottle our whiskey until it is ready.

Our take on this, is it's fresh, sweet, with some herbal notes, and a bit of spicy rye in the long finish. It is not particularly complex, but it is very drinkable on it's own, and with it's light sweet character, it should make an excellent mixer for Bourbon based cocktails!

Here's a link to their website: OZARK DISTILLERY

They also make moonshine, flavor infused moonshine, and vodka.