Monday, September 14, 2015

21 Terms Every Whisky Lover Needs To Know.

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Pronouncing Scotch Brands. Gaelic isn't always easy!

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Scotch Whisky for Bourbon lovers?

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Older whiskies are always rarer and more expensive, but is older always better?

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Do you want to know more about Irish Whiskey?

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Father and Son - Laphroiag, Opinions Welcome.

Are you ready to get your graduate degree in Whisk(e)y?

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At what point does it go from being a connoisseur, to being a whisky snob?

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Get healthy! Drink more whisky.... responsibly!

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The need for transparency in labeling needs to be addressed by the American whiskey industry!

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10 things you might not know about Whisk(e)y!

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How do you keep your whisky?

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