Thursday, August 22, 2013

Maker's Mark Distillery Tour pictures

The Maker's Mark Distillery, a National Historic Landmark.

Maker's Mark Distillery's park like grounds.

Maker's Mark Distillery's oldest warehouse.

Maker's Mark Distillery's creek (or "crik" as they say in Kentucky).

Maker's Mark Still House.

Stunning brass and copper Still Safes.

Beautiful craftsmanship.

Mash Tub #2.

One of several wooden fermentation tanks.

Maker's Mark Fermentation Room.

Exiting the Still House.

Victorian style architectural details.

The Labeling Room.

Pedestrian bridge across creek.

Old delivery wagon.

Malt Research Institute staff member (me) during the tour. 

Maker's Mark Tasting Room

A flight of Maker's Mark. Unaged, Red Wax Seal, and Maker's Mark 46.

Some of the Maker's Mark barrels, with Ambassador's plates. 
You can have your own name put on a barrel, by clicking the link to the Maker's Mark site and joining their "Embassy" for free, and becoming a Distillery Ambassador;

The Author's barrel plate. Scheduled to be bottled in 2018.

My daughter Caitlin, dipping her own 1/2 size bottle of Maker's Mark. 

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