Sunday, September 1, 2013

Buffalo Trace Distillery Tour pictures

Buffalo Trace Distillery, recently named a National Historic Landmark.

The Buffalo statue in front of the Visitor's Center. The Distillery is located next to the Kentucky river, in a location that used to be an ancient buffalo crossing.

One of many brick and mortar warehouses. You can see the barrels in the open windows!

The Buffalo Trace Distillery water tower.

Another angle on the distillery's iconic water tower.

Those tracks aren't for trains, they're for rolling barrels in and out of the various warehouses. 

Another warehouse for aging barrels of whiskey. There are more barrels of whiskey aging in warehouses in Kentucky, than there are people living in the Bluegrass State! 

The curious barrels of experimental "Peated Malt" I saw during our tour. 

Banners hanging from the roof of the bottling house, listing just some of the awards this distillery has earned in recent years. 

Our knowledgeable tour guide. Oh to have the keys to this cabinet! There's some rare Bourbons in there that would be the envy of any whiskey collector, including rare bottles of Blanton's, Pappy Van Winkle, Eagle Rare, and Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel. Sadly, Elmer's death was announced just days after our tour of this Distillery his hard work, dedication and innovation, made famous!

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