Thursday, July 11, 2013

World Whisky: Australian Malt Whisky

James Stuart Geary shared an entertaining and informative video on The Tasmanian whisky industry on the M.R.I. Facebook page:

You can check out this video by clicking the link: Single Malt, The Tasmanian Whisky Industry (Reporter: Pip Courtney)

While I've had no personal experience with whiskies from Australia, I am looking forward to exploring this growing source of Single Malts soon!

Someone with far more expertise in whiskies from "The Land Down Under" is my friend and fellow blogger "SquidgyAsh, The Whisky Fiend"!

A fellow "Yank living in Aussie land", he has written extensively on the Whisky Industry of his adopted home country. He has also reviewed whiskies from all over the world, and just returned from Scotland, where he got to explore some of the most iconic places a Scotch Whisky lover could dream of visiting. Lucky bastard! 

He's a very prolific reviewer, so there's plenty to read. Please visit his blog:

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